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Add Users and Assign Roles

In this quick module, add a colleague to the organization to evaluate and try out Dremio with you!

To add a user to your organization:

  1. Click This is the icon that represents the Organization. in the side navigation bar.

  2. Click This is the icon that represents the Organization settings. in the side navigation bar, select Users from the organization settings sidebar, then click Add Users.

    This is a screenshot showing the Users page.
  3. In the Add Users dialog, enter the email address for each user you want to invite to the organization. Click Add.

    By default, each user will be assigned the PUBLIC role, which provides the user basic access and cannot be revoked. You can also assign the ADMIN role to users. For more information on how these system roles are defined, see Predefined Roles.


Access can also be managed by granting privileges to individual users. Enterprise Edition is required for advanced features such as custom roles.

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