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Managing Your Subscription

Dremio offers two editions to meet the needs of your organization. Editions determine the feature set for an organization, and you can easily change your organization's edition as your needs evolve.


See Changing Your Organization's Edition to learn about changing between Dremio editions.

The following editions are currently available:

  • Standard: A forever-free tier which provides everything you need to successfully build and query your data lake in production. This includes all of Dremio's key features, without any limits on query scale or concurrency.


    Although you do not pay to use Dremio, there is still cost associated with the AWS EC2 instances in your account that Dremio uses to connect to the data sources and run your queries.

  • Enterprise: Includes everything in Standard edition, plus advanced security features (such as custom roles, enterprise IdPs, SCIM, and custom encryption keys) and enterprise support.

    There are three ways to purchase the Enterprise edition:

    • AWS Marketplace via Private Offer: You can prepay for DCUs or AWS can bill you monthly.
    • Azure Marketplace via Private Offer: You can prepay for DCUs or Azure can bill you monthly.
    • Pre-paid Dremio Contract: This is a standard contract for the amount of DCUs you want. Dremio invoices you directly.
    • PAYG through Dremio: You pay as you go, and Dremio invoices you directly.

Contact your Dremio Account Executive for more information about these options.

Platform Features

FeatureStandard (Free)Enterprise
Cloud Service
Customizable auto-scaling of compute engines
Multi-region deployment of compute engines
Dremio Community Support
Dremio Support (8x5)
Dremio Enterprise Support (24x7)Contact Sales
Governed, Self-service Experience
Semantic layer
Data curation
Number of ProjectsUp to 3Up to 200
Role-based access control
Data encrypted in motion
Secure, direct proxy to VPCs and data centers via AWS PrivateLink
Audit events (system table)
Custom roles
Identity Management & Authentication
Local identities
Social identity provider support (e.g., Google, Microsoft, GitHub)
OAuth applications
Enterprise identity provider integration (Azure Active Directory, Okta)
SCIM synchronization
External token providers
Regulatory Compliance
SOC 2 Type II
ISO 27001

Query Engine Features

FeatureStandard (Free)Enterprise
Data Sources
Analyze data stored in cloud
Native support for structured and unstructured file formats (e.g., Parquet, CSV, JSON)
Native support for Apache Iceberg and Delta Lake
Query data stored in RDBMS sources
SQL Support, Performance, and Scalability
Comprehensive SQL support
Transparent query acceleration using reflections
Cost-based optimizer
Isolate separate workloads to different project or engines
Workload management
Interfaces and Client Connectivity
Native integrations with many BI tools
Support for the Arrow Flight SQL ODBC and Arrow Flight JDBC drivers
Support for Arrow Flight and Arrow Flight SQL