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    Managing Security

    Dremio offers extensive security measures to help not only protect the integrity of your data, but also manage access via built-in access management or using external identity providers. This versatility with software and infrastructure integration and compliance ensures a wide range of organizations may adhere to compliance and regulatory standards, enforce fine-grained permissions to your users, and retain your existing tools for authentication and authorization.

    • Authentication - Manage user access via OAuth integration with numerous token and identity providers (IdP).

    • Access Management - Enforce fine-grained permissions at the user or role level.

    • Audit Logging - Track all user-initiated activity performed in Dremio, from logins to dataset changes.

    • AWS PrivateLink - Ensure the integrity of your network using virtual private clouds (VPC) configurations.

    • Compliance - Review the current compliance measures and audits Dremio has undergone to ensure top-level security for your data.