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Get high-level information about the settings and configuration of a specific autoingest pipe. Dremio displays the column headers that indicate the type of information listed in the row of results.

DESCRIBE PIPE <pipe_name>


<pipe_name> String

The unique name of the pipe that you are describing.


Describe a pipe
DESCRIBE PIPE Example_pipe
FieldData TypeDescription
org_idvarcharThe unique identifier of the organization in which the autoingest pipe is created.
project_idvarcharThe unique identifier of the project in which the autoingest pipe was created.
pipe_namevarcharThe name of the autoingest pipe.
pipe_idvarcharThe unique identifier of the autoingest pipe.
target_tablevarcharThe name of the target Iceberg table.
target_branchvarcharThe name of the target branch if Arctic was used as a catalog.
dedup_lookback_periodintegerThe number of days that Dremio looks back when comparing newly uploaded files to previously loaded files for file deduplication.
file_formatvarcharThe file format associated with the pipe.
format_optionsvarcharThe specific file format options that are used in the COPY INTO statement when the pipe is triggered.
pipe_statusvarcharThe state of the pipe. Enum:
  • Running: The pipe is running as expected.
  • Paused: The pipe exists but loads are not triggered when files are uploaded to the source.
  • Stopped_Missing_Table_or_Branch: Dremio has stopped the pipe because either the target table or target branch does not exist.
  • Stopped_Storage_Location_Altered: Dremio has stopped the pipe because a user has altered the source root path.
  • Stopped_Access_Denied: Dremio has stopped the pipe because Dremio cannot access the source location.
  • Stopped_Missing_Dremio_Source: Dremio has stopped the pipe because the source referenced in the pipe no longer exists.
  • Unhealthy: Autoingestion is failing due to an unknown root cause. Often a transient issue, and the system usually self-corrects and catches up.
  • Stopped_Internal_Error: The pipe is stopped because all pipe jobs failed within 5 days due to an unknown cause.
error_messagevarcharThe last error message for a pipe job that did not complete successfully.
cloud_settingstimestampThe configuration settings for connecting to the cloud environment.
cloud_cli_command_settingsvarcharThe command that uses the cloud_settings to set up the autoingest pipes in the user's cloud storage location.
created_attimestampThe date and time at which the pipe was created.
last_updated_attimestampThe date and time of the last modification to the pipe definition.
created_byvarcharThe user who created the pipe.
last_update_byvarcharThe user who last updated the pipe definition.
created_by_idvarcharThe ID of the user who created the pipe.