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    The sys.organization.users table contains metadata for users in an organization.

    SELECT * 
    FROM sys.organization.users

    Example Output

    user_id user_name first_name last_name status user_type created owner_id owner_type created_by
    1ebd39a7-d571-4edb-b113-206eb263c775 test.user@dremio.com Test User active EXTERNAL 2021-12-10 04:43:50.902 empty text user SCIM
    80702009-37c5-454c-93f2-ec41ea1722ed dremio.admin@dremio.com Gnarly empty text active LOCAL 2021-12-10 04:54:13.093 empty text user LOCAL
    5aabeeae-8d3b-4dcc-ba04-051e5b08b11a test.user2@dremio.com empty text empty text invited EXTERNAL 2021-10-05 18:07:32.377 empty text user SCIM


    Field Data Type Description
    user_id varchar The UUID to identify the user.
    user_name varchar The email of the user is used as the username.
    first_name varchar The first name of the user.
    last_name varchar The last name of the user.
    status varchar The state of the user depending on if they have accepted the invite to the organization and have logged in to the application.
    Enum: active, invited
    user_type varchar The type of user based on how it was created.
    created timestamp The timestamp for when the user was created.
    owner_id varchar The UUID for the owner (user or role) of the user. This UUID corresponds to the user_id or role_id in the users or roles table.
    owner_type varchar The type of owner of the user.
    Enum: user, role
    created_by varchar The method of creation.
    Enum: LOCAL, SCIM