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    The sys.organization.users table contains metadata for users in an organization.

    SELECT * 
    FROM sys.organization.users

    Example Output

    1ebd39a7-d571-4edb-b113-206eb263c775test.user@dremio.comTestUseractiveEXTERNAL2021-12-10 04:43:50.902empty textuserSCIM
    80702009-37c5-454c-93f2-ec41ea1722eddremio.admin@dremio.comGnarlyempty textactiveLOCAL2021-12-10 04:54:13.093empty textuserLOCAL
    5aabeeae-8d3b-4dcc-ba04-051e5b08b11atest.user2@dremio.comempty textempty textinvitedEXTERNAL2021-10-05 18:07:32.377empty textuserSCIM


    FieldData TypeDescription
    user_idvarcharThe UUID to identify the user.
    user_namevarcharThe email of the user is used as the username.
    first_namevarcharThe first name of the user.
    last_namevarcharThe last name of the user.
    statusvarcharThe state of the user depending on if they have accepted the invite to the organization and have logged in to the application.
    Enum: active, invited
    user_typevarcharThe type of user based on how it was created.
    createdtimestampThe timestamp for when the user was created.
    owner_idvarcharThe UUID for the owner (user or role) of the user. This UUID corresponds to the user_id or role_id in the users or roles table.
    owner_typevarcharThe type of owner of the user.
    Enum: user, role
    created_byvarcharThe method of creation.
    Enum: LOCAL, SCIM