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    The sys.project.“tables” table contains metadata for tables in a project.


    The name of the table must be encapsulated in quotes (“tables”) so that it is parsed as the table name instead of the reserved keyword tables.

    SELECT * 
    FROM sys.project."tables"

    Example Output

    table_id source_id table_name schema_id path tag type format_type approx_statistics_allowed created owner_id owner_type masking_policies row_access_policies
    00cf3b4c-4042-4474-bad8-3a5c8bb6ffe9 7c8f019b-2e48-4d40-8a2f-038dae416dc4 CATALOGS empty text [INFORMATION_SCHEMA, CATALOGS] nqoL6Ab63EE= SYSTEM_TABLE empty text false 2021-12-08 15:47:51.880 $unowned$ $unowned$ [] []
    ab94e588-6efa-4cbc-8641-6ac35887808f 7c8f019b-2e48-4d40-8a2f-038dae416dc4 COLUMNS empty text [INFORMATION_SCHEMA, COLUMNS] nn9iIx6sBXM= SYSTEM_TABLE empty text false 2021-12-08 15:47:52.022 $unowned$ $unowned$ [] []
    88bc523d-814c-464f-b794-b0a123da15c5 7c8f019b-2e48-4d40-8a2f-038dae416dc4 SCHEMATA empty text [INFORMATION_SCHEMA, SCHEMATA] 2B2bcqtiiRY= SYSTEM_TABLE empty text false 2021-12-08 15:47:51.922 $unowned$ $unowned$ [] []
    776c727b-93a7-4ede-86de-f2c117b81aaa 7c8f019b-2e48-4d40-8a2f-038dae416dc4 TABLES empty text [INFORMATION_SCHEMA, TABLES] R2+uXXdzCD8= SYSTEM_TABLE empty text false 2021-12-08 15:47:51.953 $unowned$ $unowned$ [] []
    448136c0-65d0-4182-af42-3f2015acec1d 7c8f019b-2e48-4d40-8a2f-038dae416dc4 VIEWS empty text [INFORMATION_SCHEMA, VIEWS] DzR2AE93Xi0= SYSTEM_TABLE empty text false 2021-12-08 15:47:51.987 $unowned$ $unowned$ [] []
    eb5e9ee9-dbd7-40a8-b48a-5aa0170383fd bd02d9ed-9a1e-4fba-b59b-d0d74b6d7232 NYC-taxi-trips 8e7d637e-dc4f-4372-83cc-08e51bc81cc7 [Samples, samples.dremio.com, NYC-taxi-trips] 1wa3yogWHHM= PHYSICAL_DATASET PARQUET false 2021-12-10 06:56:55.364 $unowned$ $unowned$ [function_name: “"@dremio".long_dist” args: “trip_distance” column_name: “distance_mi”] []
    a0f0edb3-b333-4c8e-880c-2d89648113f9 bd02d9ed-9a1e-4fba-b59b-d0d74b6d7232 zips.json 8e7d637e-dc4f-4372-83cc-08e51bc81cc7 [Samples, samples.dremio.com, zips.json] rFfpVH9umtQ= PHYSICAL_DATASET JSON false 2022-01-05 22:10:42.528 $unowned$ $unowned$ [] []


    Field Data Type Description
    table_id varchar The UUID to identify the table.
    source_id varchar The UUID to identify the source that the table is associated with.
    table_name varchar The user- or system-defined name of the table.
    schema_id varchar The UUID for the schema/folder in which the table is contained.
    path varchar The string array representation of the path of the table.
    tag varchar The UUID that is generated to identify the instance of the table. Dremio changes this tag whenever a change is made to the table.
    type varchar The type of table.
    format_type varchar The format type of the data.
    approx_statistics_allowed boolean When set, COUNT DISTINCT queries will return approximate results. This value will be true if approximate results will be returned and false otherwise.
    created timestamp The date and time that the table was created.
    owner_id varchar The UUID for the owner (user or role) of the table. This UUID corresponds to the id in the users or roles system table.
    owner_type varchar The type of owner of the table. This value will be $unowned$ if ownership has not been granted for the table.
    Enum: USER_OWNER, ROLE_OWNER, $unowned$
    masking_policies varchar The masking policies set on the view.
    row_access_policies varchar The row-access policies set on the view.