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    The sys.organization.clouds table contains metadata for clouds in an organization.

    SELECT * 
    FROM sys.organization.clouds

    Example Output

    cloud_id cloud_name vendor_name vendor_region cloud_credentials security_groups subnets owner_id owner_type
    72ccc3e6-5444-4848-adaa-2a7945bdddbe Default AWS US_EAST_2 IAM Role : arn:aws:iam::300000000018:role/DremioIAMCloudComputeRole-DN000B0AAAA0 sg-005da7e340052a9fc subnet-901cfaed 1ebd39a7-d571-4edb-b113-206eb263c775 USER
    54fb37b4-93e5-4ece-874c-ef22eb900103 Default Cloud AWS US_WEST_2 Access Key : AAAAVVV00SSMMMJJJZZZ sg-03b222cd073633333 subnet-f4dec3df 75ecfc21-6a29-489b-9583-5c223a7fa04b USER
    f7b60f9d-483e-4e7e-914e-4664147d4b14 Cloud East AWS US_EAST_2 Access Key : AKIAVU7YDKEBHHF6S62G sg-0cb4444fadbd6f072 subnet-81z255z5 56933e51-1157-41c0-acbb-da540adf8066 USER
    72cc53e6-5413-4848-ada6-2a7945bdddbe Cloud West AWS US_WEST_2 IAM Role : arn:aws:iam::333377777444:role/DremioIAMCloudComputeRole-DN170B0LEDU7 sg-005da7e340052a9fc subnet-991abcde 1ebd39a7-d571-4edb-b113-206eb263c775 ROLE


    Field Data Type Description
    cloud_id varchar The UUID to identify the cloud.
    cloud_name varchar The user-defined name for the cloud.
    vendor_name varchar The name of the cloud provider where the Dremio engines are running. This value will always be AWS.
    vendor_region varchar The region for which the cloud is configured.
    cloud_credentials varchar The role or access key ID used to configure the cloud.
    security_groups varchar The list of security groups associated with the cloud.
    subnets varchar The list of subnets that engines associated with this cloud could be spun up in.
    owner_id varchar The UUID for the owner (user or role) of the cloud. This UUID corresponds to the id in the users or roles table.
    owner_type varchar The type of owner of the cloud.
    Enum: USER, ROLE