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The sys.project.reflection_dependencies table contains metadata for reflection dependencies in the current project.

FROM sys.project.reflection_dependencies

Example Output

58ef99d2-ac06-4886-b76f-da729b872db0be2f17da-6c09-4eb9-9fba-db5a76d6d773DATASET[@dremio, nested_nested1]
cc8b4c93-c028-427e-b773-8e5aab75c13067fedcc9-841f-41d9-8344-03b826c8c9c2DATASET[Samples,, SF_incidents2016.json]
2acccebb-9fe2-4864-b714-664434b0ed373a276914-bf82-4447-b146-336e950e96e0DATASET[Samples,, NYC-taxi-trips]
31e1a2ec-4815-4efb-805d-00c427d000772ece1ecb-e436-46c1-97dd-ffe50d2d96b2DATASET[Samples,, zips.json]
4d42481b-802a-437d-a1c9-9a9dd8d9be03432d5845-b258-4268-b6ab-7681c9afa184DATASET[@dremio, test_parquet]


FieldData TypeDescription
reflection_idvarcharThe UUID to identify the reflection.
dependency_idvarcharThe UUID to identify the reflection dependency, which is one of these objects:
  1. If the reflection is defined on a table: the table from which the reflection is derived, either by being defined directly on the table or by being defined on a view that is ultimately derived from the table
  2. If the reflection is defined on a view: the table or tables that the view is ultimately derived from. If there is more than one table, then this column includes the UUID of each table.
  3. If the reflection is dependent on another reflection (for example, an aggregation reflection that is dependent on a raw reflection, and can be refreshed only after the raw reflection is refreshed): the reflection that must be refreshed first
    Note: Only Dremio can create such a relationship between two reflections.
dependency_typevarcharThe type of object that must be refreshed before the reflection can be refreshed.
dependency_pathvarcharThe path of the object, if it is a table. If the object is another reflection, the path is empty.