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    Categories: Date/Time


    Returns the number of months between two date or timestamp values.


    MONTHS_BETWEEN(date_timestamp_expression1 string, date_timestamp_expression2 string) → float

    • date_timestamp_expression1: The DATE or TIMESTAMP to subtract from.
    • date_timestamp_expression2: The DATE or TIMESTAMP to subtract.


    MONTHS_BETWEEN example
    SELECT MONTHS_BETWEEN('2018-11-01 10:30:00', '2019-02-28')
    -- -3.870967741935484

    Usage Notes

    If date or timestamp date_timestamp_expression1 represents an earlier point in time than date_timestamp_expression2, then MONTHS_BETWEEN(date_timestamp_expression1, date_timestamp_expression2) returns a negative value; otherwise it returns a positive value. You can use a date value for one input parameter and a timestamp for the other.