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    Categories: Boolean, Datatype


    Tests whether the input expression is either false or not false. If true in either case, returns a value of true. Alias for the function ISFALSE/ISNOTFALSE.


    IS [NOT] FALSE(boolean_expression boolean) → boolean

    • boolean_expression: The input expression, which must be of type BOOLEAN.


    Create a table containing one column of boolean data type
    CREATE TABLE $scratch.test_table 
        test_column BOOLEAN
    -- true, Table created
    Create two rows containing boolean values
    INSERT INTO $scratch.test_table 
    VALUES  (true), 
    -- Fragment, Records, Path, Metadata, Partition, FileSize, IcebergMetadata, fileschema, PartitionData
    -- 0_0, 1, s3://<s3-bucket-path>, , 0, <file-size>, <iceberg-metadata>, <file-schema>, null
    Run the ISFALSE query
    SELECT ISFALSE(test_column)
    FROM $scratch.test_table
    -- false 
    -- true 
    Run the ISNOTFALSE query
    SELECT ISNOTFALSE(test_column)
    FROM $scratch.test_table
    -- true 
    -- false