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    Returns the rank of the current row within its partition and ordering. Rows that are equal will have the same rank.


    DENSE_RANK() OVER ( [PARTITION BY partition_expression] [ORDER BY order_expression]) → bigint

    • partition_expression: An optional expression that groups rows into partitions.
    • order_expression: An optional expression that specifies the order of the rows within each partition.


    DENSE_RANK example
    SELECT "Category", 
        OVER (
          PARTITION BY "Category" 
          ORDER BY "DayOfWeek")
    FROM Samples."samples.dremio.com"."SF_incidents2016.json"
    -- Category, Descript, DayOfWeek, EXPR$3
    -- ARSON, ARSON, Friday, 1
    -- ARSON, ARSON, Monday, 2