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    Categories: Date/Time


    Returns the day of month of the date or timestamp.


    DAY(date_timestamp_expression string) → bigint

    • date_timestamp_expression: A DATE or TIMESTAMP expression.


    DAY example
    SELECT "DAY"('2003-02-01 11:43:22')
    -- 1
    DAY example
    SELECT "Date", "DAY"("Date") 
    FROM Samples."samples.dremio.com"."SF_incidents2016.json" 
    LIMIT 3
    -- Date, EXPR$1
    -- 2016-01-29, 29
    -- 2016-01-29, 29
    -- 2016-04-25, 25

    Usage Notes

    The function name is a Dremio keyword and must be enclosed in double quotes ("DAY"). This function is identical to the function DAYOFMONTH.