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    Categories: String


    Trims leading and trailing characters from a string.


    BTRIM(expression string [, trim_text string]) → string

    • expression: String expression to be trimmed.
    • trim_text (optional): Leading and trailing characters to trim from the input expression. If this parameter is not specified, then spaces will be trimmed from the input expression.


    BTRIM example
    SELECT BTRIM('      dremio ')
    -- dremio
    BTRIM example
    SELECT BTRIM('~/~/~/dremio~', '~')
    -- /~/~/dremio
    BTRIM example
    SELECT BTRIM('---dremio-', '-')
    -- dremio
    BTRIM example
    SELECT BTRIM('stringvalue', 'string')
    -- value
    BTRIM example
    SELECT BTRIM('pancake pan', 'abnp')
    -- cake