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Creating an Internet Gateway

You may need to create an internet gateway if it is not already configured for your VPC setup. See the steps for creating this resource using the VPC Dashboard in the AWS Management Console.

To create an internet gateway in the AWS Management Console:

  1. From the VPC Dashboard, click Internet gateways in the side navigation bar.

  2. Select Internet gateways from the side navigation bar.

  3. Click the Create internet gateway button in the top right.

  4. On the Create internet gateway page, set the following:

    a. For Name tag, enter a name for your internet gateway.

    b. (Optional) For Tags, enter a key and a value to help search and filter your resources or track your AWS costs.

  5. Click the Create internet gateway button.

  6. After you are directed to your internet gateway, select Actions > Attach to VPC.

  7. For Available VPCs, select your VPC from the dropdown.

  8. Click the Attach internet gateway button.