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You can use ThoughtSpot to search directly against your data in Dremio Cloud for live analytics and actionable insights.

Supported Versions

Dremio supports ThoughtSpot cloud 8.3 and ThoughtSpot software 7.2.1.

Supported Authentication Methods

Use a personal access token (PAT) obtained from Dremio Cloud. To create a PAT, follow the steps in the section Creating a Token.

If you want to use an OAuth application for authentication, you will first need to add the OAuth application and then copy the client ID.


If you want to connect to a specific project in Dremio Cloud, copy the ID of the project. See Obtaining the ID of a Project for the steps. After you obtain it, save it somewhere that you can retrieve it from during the procedure.

Creating a Connection


While you're using the connection, the data fields that you create, modify, and delete in Dremio are reflected as table columns in ThoughtSpot. To account for new or outdated fields, you will need to go back into the data connection to check or uncheck the columns that you want added or removed on the Select Tables page.

  1. Log into ThoughtSpot.

  2. Navigate to Data > Connections > Add Connection.

  3. On the Choose Your Data Warehouse page, specify your data connection details:

    • In the Name your connection field, enter a name.
    • (Optional) In the Describe your connection field, enter a brief description.
    • For the Choose your data warehouse field, select Dremio.
  4. Click Continue.

  5. On the Dremio Connection Details page, to provide your authentication credentials, follow either of these steps:

    a. To use a personal access token that you obtained from Dremio Cloud, select Use Service Account.

    b. To use an OAuth application that you added in Dremio Cloud, select Use OAuth.

  6. In the Host field, enter

  7. In the Port field, enter 443.

  8. Follow either of these steps based on the authentication type that you chose:

    a. For using a personal access token:

    • In the User field, type $token.
    • In the Password field, paste your personal access token.
    • (Optional) In the Project ID field, paste the project ID.

    b. For using an OAuth application:

    • In the Project ID field, paste the project ID.
    • In the OAuth Client ID field, paste the client ID.
    • In the OAuth Client Secret field, enter your password.
    • In the Auth URL field, enter the authorization URL of the application.
    • In the Access Token URL field, enter the URL of the access token.
  9. (Optional) In the Schema field, enter the project schema.

  10. Click Continue.

  11. On the Select Tables page, you can see all the data tables and views from Dremio. To select tables and columns from that list, select a table and check the boxes next to the columns for that table.

  12. Click Create Connection.

  13. In the Create Connection dialog, click Confirm.