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You can use Looker to query and visualize data by means of Dremio Cloud.

Supported Authentication Method

Use a personal access token (PAT) obtained from Dremio Cloud. To create a PAT, follow the steps in Creating a Token


Copy the ID of the Dremio Cloud project that you want to connect to. See Obtaining the ID of a Project for the steps. After you obtain it, save it somewhere that you can retrieve it from during the procedure.

Creating a Connection

  1. Log into Looker.

  2. In the menu bar at the top of the page, select Admin, and then select Connections under Database.

  3. Click the Add Connection button in the top-right corner of the page to open the Connection Settings page for creating a connection.

  4. Specify a name for the connection.

  5. In the Dialect field, select Dremio 11+.

  6. In the Remote Host:Port fields, specify and 443.

  7. In the Database field, specify any value. Though Looker requires a value in this field, Dremio does not use the value.

  8. In the Username and Password fields, specify your authentication credentials:

    • In the Username field, type $token.
    • In the Password field, paste your personal access token.
  9. Ensure that the SSL check box is selected.

  10. If there is more that one project in your Dremio organization and you are not connecting to the default project, specify this additional JDBC parameter in the Additional Settings section: PROJECT_ID=<project id>. To obtain the ID, see Obtaining the ID of a Project.

  11. Click Test These Settings at the bottom of the page to check that the information that you specified is all valid.

  12. Click Add Connection if the test of the connection is successful.

The new connection is listed on the Connections page.