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Hex is a data workspace where you can analyze and share data from Dremio Cloud.

Supported Authentication Methods

Use a personal access token (PAT) obtained from Dremio Cloud. To create a PAT, follow the steps in the section Creating a Token.


If you want to connect to a specific project in Dremio Cloud, copy the ID of the project. See Obtaining the ID of a Project for the steps. After you obtain it, save it somewhere that you can retrieve it from during the procedure.

Creating a Connection

  1. Log into your Hex project.

  2. Go to the Data sources tab on the side navigation bar.

  3. Click + Add > Create project connection.

  4. Select Dremio from the project connections.

  5. In the Name field, enter a name for the data connection.

  6. (Optional) In the Description field, enter a brief description of the data connection.

  7. In the JDBC Connection field, paste your JDBC connection string:

    JDBC connection string;ssl=true;

    a. (Optional) Add ;PROJECT_ID={project-id} to the JDBC connection string and in the Project ID field, paste the ID of the project that you want to connect to. If the project ID isn't specified, then the default project will be used.

    b. (Optional) Add ;engine={engine-name} to the JDBC connection string and in the Engine Name field, specify the engine that you want the query routed to.

  8. For the Access Token, paste your personal access token.

  9. Click Create Connection.