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Dremio ensures secure access and protects sensitive data across various applications. You can easily configure and integrate with various third-party authentication services to increase security and centralize your security controls. Depending on your organization's needs, any one or many of the following may be used in tandem for multi-tiered protection.

  • User Management - How to create and manage users in Dremio.

  • Role Management - How to create and manage roles in Dremio.

  • Identity Providers - How to configure Identity Providers (IdPs) to authenticate users accessing Dremio Cloud.

  • Personal Access Tokens (PATs) - How to use Dremio PATs for logging-in with REST APIs or ODBC/JDBC when SSO or LDAP is implemented.

  • SCIM - How to use System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) to manage Users/Roles in Dremio Cloud.