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OAuth Applications

This topic describes the configuration of OAuth applications to integrate third party applications with Dremio Cloud. This allows Dremio and the third-party application to interact without giving away a user's login credentials. For example, an organization might use their GitLab accounts to access Dremio. In the unlikely event of a Dremio data breach, an organization's login credentials would then remain unaffected and protected.

Additional authentication and security measures are available in Authentication.

Types of OAuth Apps

  • Native - Mobile, desktop, CLI, and smart device apps that run natively on a respective operating system, such as iOS, Chrome OS, etc.
  • Single-Page Application (SPA) - JavaScript-enabled, front-end app using an API, such as Angular, React, and Vue.
  • Web - Traditional Web applications that utilize redirects, such as Java, PHP, and ASP.NET.

Adding an OAuth App

To add a new OAuth application in Dremio:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Organization Settings > OAuth Applications.
  2. Click Add Application at the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. Enter a value for OAuth Application Name to identify the service associated.
  4. Enter a value for Redirect URI. The value entered here is used as a destination for return responses (tokens) after successfully authenticating a user. If there is an issue with the provided URI's format, text will display below the field in red to indicate the desired format.
  5. Select the desired OAuth Application Type from the drop-down menu. The type of application selected determines which authentication flow Dremio will follow. This cannot be altered after the application is added.
  6. Click Add to create the application service. A message will appear at the top of the screen to indicate success.

Upon creating the application, the dialog will refresh with a new field: Client ID. Copy this value, as it is needed to link with the third-party OAuth application. Include this string where the Client ID is required by your respective OAuth application.

Editing an OAuth App

To edit an existing OAuth application in Dremio:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Organization Settings > OAuth Applications.
  2. Click the edit icon for the desired application.
  3. Make any necessary alterations to the application name or URI. You cannot alter the Client ID or OAuth Application Type.
  4. Click Save.