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Quick Tour of the Dremio Console

After logging in to the Dremio Cloud application, you land on the home page. This page displays the organization you are in, brief descriptions and links to the Dremio services, and the side navigation bar, as shown in this image:

Dremio Cloud organization page.
1Organization settings: Opens the organization settings, which include: General Information, Clouds, Billing, Usage, Authentication, BI Applications, External Token Providers, OAuth Applications, Users, and Roles.
2Organization ID: Displays the identifier for the organization that is currently open.
3Services: Shows the Dremio services that are available in the organization. For more information, see Main Services.
4Services selector: Displays links to Sonar projects and Arctic catalogs.
5Help/Support: Provides shortcuts to Dremio's documentation site, the community forums, and the support portal.
6Profile settings: Opens your profile details and your personal access tokens (PATs).