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Dremio Sonar

To use Dremio Sonar with an Arctic catalog, you need to add the Arctic catalog as a source in your Sonar project.


Before you can connect to an Arctic catalog source, ensure you have the following resources available:

  • A Sonar project, which will connect to the Arctic catalog. If you want to create a new Sonar project, see Adding a Project.
  • An Arctic catalog. Each Sonar project is deployed with an Arctic catalog that provides data management capabilities for that project. Visit the Managing Catalogs for more information on how to create an Arctic catalog.

Connecting an Arctic Source to Sonar

You can add an Arctic catalog to a Sonar project from either the Sonar or Arctic UIs.

Connecting From the Sonar UI

  1. Select the Sonar project which you want to connect your Arctic catalog to.

  2. On the Datasets page, click Add Source at the bottom-left corner of the page.

  3. In the Add Data Source dialog, select Arctic.

  4. In the New Arctic Source dialog, complete the following:

    a. Under General, select the Arctic catalog from the drop-down list of existing catalogs, or click New Arctic Catalog at the bottom of the drop-down list to create a new catalog.

    b. Under Storage, add your S3 storage credentials.

    • For AWS root path, enter the root path to your S3 bucket. When creating new tables in Arctic, this is the default location where tables will be created when you do not specify a LOCATION attribute in a CREATE TABLE statement. Example root path: bucket-name/optional/folder/path.

    • Choose Project Data Credentials or enter your own Data Source Credentials. These credentials will be used to read and write to tables in the Arctic catalog.

      • If you select Data Source Credentials, select Access Key or IAM Role for authentication.
        • If you select Access Key, you need to provide the AWS access key ID and AWS secret access key.
        • If you select IAM Role, you need to create an AWS IAM role:
          • Copy and enter the Dremio Trust Account ID and External ID when you create the IAM role.
          • Copy and provide the AWS cross-account role ARN and the AWS instance profile ARN from your AWS account.

    c. Click Save.

Connecting from the Arctic UI

To add an Arctic catalog as a source for a Sonar project directly from the Arctic UI:

  1. On the Arctic Catalogs main page, hover over the Arctic catalog you want to add as a source, and click the Catalog Settings This is the icon that represents the Catalog settings. that appears next to the catalog.

  2. Under General Information > Connect from SQL Engines > Add as a Source to a Sonar Project, click Add to Sonar.

  3. In the Add to a Sonar Project dialog box, click the drop-down list and select the Sonar project you want to add the Arctic catalog as a source to.

  4. Click Add.

Limitations When Using Sonar with Arctic