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Creating an App Registration

Follow these steps to create an app registration in the Azure portal when you are connecting your Azure account to Dremio Cloud or adding a project to an organization.

  1. Log in to the Azure portal.

  2. Search for "App registrations" and select the App registrations service in the search results.

  3. In the top left of the page, select New registration.

  4. On the "Register an application" page, complete the following:

    a. For Name, give the application a name.

    b. For Supported account types, select Accounts in this organizational directory only (Dremio Corporation only - Single tenant).

    c. (Optional) Enter a redirect URI.

    d. Click Register.

  5. Copy the Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID.

  6. To create a secret, complete one of the following:

    a. Select Certificates and secrets from the left sidebar.

    b. For Client credentials, click Add a certificate or secret in the center of the page.

  7. Click New client secret.

  8. In the Add a client secret panel that appears on the right, add a description and choose an expiry for the secret. Dremio recommends 365 days (1 year).

  9. Click Add.

  10. Copy the Value that appears in the center of the screen and save it in a secure location on your computer.


Be sure to save the Value because it cannot be accessed again after leaving the page.

Azure CLI

Registering an application can also be completed through the Azure CLI. See the following instructions:

az ad app create --display-name dremio-cloud-app
APP_ID=$(az ad app list --display-name dremio-cloud-app --query "[].[appId]" --output tsv)
az ad sp create --id $APP_ID
APP_PWD_O=$(az ad app credential reset --id $APP_ID --years 1 --display-name dremio-cloud-secret --append --output tsv)
APP_PWD=$(echo $APP_PWD_O | awk '{print $2}')
echo -e "\"APPLICATION_ID\": \"$APP_ID\"\n\"CLIENT_SECRET\": \"$APP_PWD\"\n\"TENANT_ID\": \"$TENANT_ID\""