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    To use Dremio Sonar with Arctic, you need to connect an Arctic catalog source in the Sonar project.


    Before you can connect to an Arctic catalog source, ensure you have the following resources available:

    Connecting an Arctic Source to Sonar

    To use Dremio Sonar with Arctic, you need to connect an Arctic catalog as a source to a Sonar project. You can add an Arctic catalog from either the Sonar or Arctic services.

    Adding an Arctic Catalog to a Sonar Project from Sonar

    To add a catalog from within the Sonar service:

    1. Select a Sonar project in which you want to connect to an Arctic catalog source.

    2. From the Datasets pane, click the Add Source (plus) icon.

    3. From the Add Data Source dialog box, select Arctic (Preview).

    4. On the New Arctic (Preview) Source dialog box > General tab:

      a. Select the Arctic catalog from the drop-down list of existing catalogs.

      b. Under the Authentication section, you can choose Project Data Credentials or enter your own Data Source Credentials.

      c. Under Default Storage Location, enter the root path to your S3 bucket.
      When creating new tables in Arctic, this is the default location where tables will be created when you do not specify a LOCATION attribute in a CREATE TABLE statement. Example root path: bucket-name/optional/folder/path.

      d. Click Save.

    Adding an Arctic Catalog to a Sonar Project from Arctic

    To add a catalog from within the Arctic service:

    1. From the Arctic Catalogs home page, select an Arctic catalog.

    2. From the selected catalog page, click the Settings (gear) icon.

    3. Under General Information > Connect from SQL Engines > Add as a Source to a Sonar Project, click Add to Sonar.

    4. From the Add to a Sonar Project dialog box, click the drop-down list and select a project.

    5. Click Add.

    After you have connected Sonar to Arctic, you can try out the Getting Started with Dremio Sonar and Arctic tutorial to learn the basics of Arctic.

    Limitations When Using Sonar With Arctic

    Limitations that exist when using Sonar with Arctic relate to Arctic views:

    • Dremio Sonar reflections are not supported.
    • The Sonar graph dataset component is not supported.
    • Wikis and searchable tags are not supported.
    • Views are not yet interoperable with other engines.
    • When a view is created, the original version context is not saved/persisted in the view definition (that is, the view definition does not contain a field for the version information). As a result, the context where the view is executed may yield different results compared to when it was created.
    • Folders that are created either directly or implicitly as part of a table path cannot be deleted.