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    Apache Flink preview

    To connect Apache Flink to Arctic, use the configuration instructions provided in Project Nessie for Flink via Iceberg and edit the following information:

    • The full url of the Nessie API Endpoint to Nessie: Replace the example URL in the configuration with the Arctic catalog API Endpoint.
    • The authentication type: Set the Nessie authentication type to BEARER.
    • The authentication token: Provide the personal access token you generated in your Dremio Cloud organization. If you have not created a personal access token, see Personal Access Tokens for information about how Dremio Cloud uses these tokens and how to generate one.

    Replace the following properties in the Project Nessie configuration example:

    • Set the location of the Nessie server using the uri property of the catalog with the Arctic catalog API Endpoint.
      For example: https://nessie.dremio.cloud/v1/repositories/80d313e4-fa73-4252-a757-e50174f86000

    To obtain the Arctic catalog API Endpoint:

    1. Sign in to Dremio Cloud.

    2. From the Organization home page, select the option to see the Arctic catalogs.

    3. From the Arctic Catalogs overview page, select the Arctic catalog that you want to use.

    4. From the left pane of the Arctic console, select the Settings (gear) icon.

    5. From the General Information tab, copy the Catalog Endpoint.

    • Replace <arctic-catalog-api-endpoint> with the actual Catalog Endpoint that you copied earlier.

    • Replace <personal-access-token> with your personal access token. See Creating a Token to learn how to generate one.
      For example: RDViJJHrS/u+JAwrzQVV2+kAuLxiNkbTgdWQKQhAUS72o2BMKuRWDnjuPEjACw==

    Flink Configuration
    CREATE CATALOG <catalog_name> WITH (
       'warehouse' = '/path/to/flink/warehouse',
       'authentication.type' = 'BEARER',
       'authentication.token' = '<personal-access-token>'

    To create tables in Apache Flink that are managed by Arctic, see Create tables in the Project Nessie website.

    To read tables in Apache Flink, see Reading tables in the Project Nessie website.

    To learn more about the available Data Definition Language (DDL) commands in Apache Flink and the SQL queries you can run, see DDL commands in the Apache Iceberg documentation.