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    Signing Up for Dremio Cloud

    Dremio Cloud makes it easy to sign up and get going with your data-related plans in very little time.

    Before you sign up, review the list of prerequisites and the list of permissions that you must grant Dremio Cloud. Next, sign up for an account by going to https://app.dremio.cloud/signup (for the US control plane) or https://app.eu.dremio.cloud/signup (for the Europe control plane). On the sign-up site, Dremio Cloud walks you through four steps. The following sections describe each step.

    Set Up Your Dremio Account

    You can sign up by creating a new account with Dremio Cloud or by using an account that you already have with Google, Microsoft, or GitHub.


    Dremio Cloud sends an email to the your email address to verify that you are in fact signing up for an account.

    Create Your First Project

    You create an organization within Dremio Cloud, and within that you create a project.

    • An organization within Dremio Cloud is where a single, real-world organization or person (depending on who signs up for a Dremio Cloud account) creates and manages data-analysis projects.

    • A project is Dremio Cloud’s way of helping you group people who work together on data projects that require access to the same resources (compute engines and data). Projects are linked to your cloud account, and your first project is created and linked to your cloud account as part of the sign-up process. You can create multiple projects in an organization.


    By default, Dremio Cloud includes a preview engine that is always on. When running, this engine will incur some AWS EC2 costs in your account even if you are not running queries. To avoid these costs you can disable this engine or any other engine under Project Settings > Engines.

    You also select the AWS region in which you want Dremio Cloud to create the resources and query engines for the project.

    If you like, you can select the size of the initial engine for the project. Otherwise, you can leave the size that Dremio Cloud chooses by default.

    Set Up Your Cloud Connection

    You link your Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) to your project, granting Dremio Cloud these permissions through IAM roles or IAM users. The list of permissions that you must grant Dremio Cloud is located here.

    There are two methods that you can use to grant Dremio Cloud the permissions it needs:

    (Optional) Invite Team Members to Your Project

    Although you can invite team members after you log into your project, Dremio Cloud lets you invite them up front, if that’s easier for you.

    Dremio Cloud emails an invitation to each email address that you specify. The invitation includes a link for logging into your project.

    You can assign pre-defined roles to the team members you invite. The roles that you select apply to all team members that you list the email addresses of.

    For descriptions of these roles, see Users and Roles.

    Log Into Your Project

    After you finish the sign-up process, you can log into your project and get started.