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Creating Subnets in an Existing Virtual Network

Follow these steps to create a subnet in the Azure portal if you are using an existing virtual network (VNet) in Azure when you are connecting your Azure account to Dremio Cloud or adding a project to an organization.


Dremio Cloud on Azure currently supports only one subnet for a project. Ensure that your subnet is appropriately sized for the number of virtual machines that will be running in your project[s]. VNet and subnet sizes cannot be updated after creation.

  1. Log in to the Azure portal.

  2. Search for "Virtual networks" and select the Virtual networks service in the search results.

  3. Click on the name of the VNet that will be used for Dremio Cloud.

  4. Select Subnets from the left sidebar.

  5. Click Subnet at the top.

  6. In the Add subnet panel on the right, complete the following:

    a. For Name, enter a name for your subnet.

    b. For Subnet address range, add a range that does not conflict with your existing subnets.

    c. Click Save.

CIDR Block Reference Table

The reference table below gives information pertaining to the number of IP addresses created for CIDR blocks.

CIDR Notation# of IP Addresses

Azure CLI

A subnet can also be created in an existing VNet through the Azure CLI. See the following instructions:

#example of a resource group, a VNet, subnet names, and CIDR blocks given
az network vnet subnet create -g dremiocloudresourcegroup --vnet-name dremio-cloud-vnet -n dremiosubnet --address-prefixes