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Creating a Resource Group

Follow these steps to create a resource group in the Azure portal when you are connecting your Azure account to Dremio Cloud or adding a project to an organization.

  1. Log in to the Azure portal.

  2. Search for "Resource groups" and select the Resource groups service in the search results.

  3. Click Create in the top left.

  4. On the Basics tab, complete the following:

    a. For Subscription, select the appropriate subscription from the dropdown.

    b. For Resource group, enter a name for your resource group.

    c. For Region, select the default region for resources created in your resource group.

    d. Click Next : Tags.

  5. On the Tags tab, complete the following:

    a. (Optional) For Name, enter a tag name for your resource group.

    b. (Optional) For Value, enter a value to help search and filter your resources or track your Azure costs.

    c. Click Next : Review + create.

  6. On the Review + create tab, click Create.

Azure CLI

A resource group can also be created through the Azure CLI. See the following instructions.

#example region and resource group name given
az group create -l eastus -n dremiocloudresourcegroup