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    Dremio offers multiple editions to meet the needs of your organization. Editions determine the feature set for an organization, with each successive edition providing more functionality than the previous edition. You can easily change your organization’s edition as your needs evolve.


    See Changing Your Organization’s Edition to learn about changing between existing Dremio editions.

    Current Dremio Editions

    The edition you select determines feature access across all projects in your organization, so you cannot have different editions for different projects in your organization. The following editions are currently available:

    • Standard: A forever-free tier which provides everything you need to successfully build, automate, and query your data lake in production. This includes all of Dremio’s key features including reflections and self-service semantic layer, without any limits on query scale or concurrency.

      By default, the current version of Dremio includes a preview engine that is always on. This engine will incur some AWS EC2 costs even if you are not running queries. To avoid these costs, you can disable this engine or any other engine under Project Settings > Engines.

    • Enterprise: Includes everything in Standard edition, plus advanced security features (such as custom roles, enterprise IdPs, SCIM, and custom encryption keys) and enterprise support.


    You can purchase the Enterprise edition of Dremio Cloud in the AWS Marketplace.

    Platform Features

    FeatureStandard (Free)Enterprise
    Cloud Service
    Fully-managed service
    Infinite scale
    Global control plane for multi-cloud
    Full ANSI SQL
    Dremio Community Support
    Dremio Support (8x5)
    Dremio Enterprise Support (24x7)Contact Sales
    Governed, Self-service Experience
    Semantic layer
    Data curation
    Data sharing
    Data lineage
    Number of ProjectsUp to 3Unlimited
    Data encrypted in motion
    Secure, direct proxy to VPCs and datacenters via AWS PrivateLink
    Audit logs
    Built-in roles
    Custom roles
    Table & column-level policies
    Identity Management & Authentication
    Local identities
    Social identity provider integration (e.g., GSuite, Microsoft, GitHub)
    OAuth applications
    Enterprise identity provider integration (e.g., Azure Active Directory, Okta)
    SCIM synchronization
    Integration with external policy providers (e.g. Privacera)
    External token providers
    Regulatory Compliance
    SOC 2 Type II

    Query Engine Features

    FeatureStandard (Free)Enterprise
    Data Sources
    Analyze data stored in cloud
    Native support for structured and unstructured file formats (e.g., Parquet, CSV, JSON)
    Native support for table formats (e.g., Apache Iceberg)
    Analyze data stored in RDBMS/NoSQL sources
    SQL Support, Performance, and Scalability
    Full ANSI SQL
    Transparent query acceleration
    Reflection management
    Cost-based optimizer
    Workload isolation through engines
    Engine replicas (scale-out for concurrency)
    Workload management rules
    Automatically scale up/down and pause Dremio engines
    Interfaces and Client Connectivity
    Native integrations with Tableau and Power BI
    Arrow Flight