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    SAP Business Objects

    You can use SAP Business Objects to query and visualize data by means of Dremio Cloud.

    Supported Versions

    SAP Business Objects 4.0+


    Download, install, and configure the ODBC driver for Arrow Flight SQL.

    Connecting to Dremio Cloud

    1. Open Information Design Tool.

    2. Select File > New > Project.

    3. Set the name of the project and click Finish.

    4. Right-click the project and select New > Relational Connection.

    5. Specify a name for the relational connection and click Next.

    6. Select the Generic ODBC3 datasource driver and click Next.

    7. Follow either of these steps:

      • Select Use existing data source and select the Arrow Flight SQL ODBC DSN.

      • Select Use connection string, select the Arrow Flight SQL ODBC driver, and specify this base connection string:

        Base connection string

      See Connection Parameters for additional connection parameters that are available.

    8. (Optional) Test the connection.

    9. Click Finish.

    Dremio schemas and tables are now available.