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    Managing Your Data

    This section describes the basic Dremio Cloud concepts that are used to manage your data.


    A space is a directory in which virtual datasets are saved. Spaces provide a way to group datasets by common themes such as a project, purpose, department, or geographic region.


    Dremio Cloud has physical and virtual datasets.

    Physical Datasets

    A physical dataset (PDS) is a table-like representation of a file or folder in your source. Physical datasets can be created from one file or an entire folder of files. Physical datasets are immutable by Dremio Cloud.

    Virtual Datasets

    A virtual dataset (VDS) is a view representation on top of physical datasets and is defined by transformations, filters, joins, etc. Virtual datasets are views rather than copies of data, so they reflect any changes that are made to the physical datasets (changes made to the data in cloud data lake storage).