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    The sys.version table contains metadata for the version of Dremio software that is deployed.

    SELECT * 
    FROM sys.version

    Example Output

    version commit_id commit_message commit_time build_email build_time
    23.0.0-202207052318080341-02708eac 02708eac53091e3d2ec930073857b0564a07fb4d null 2022-07-05T22:46:37+0000 empty text 2022-07-05T23:43:03+0000


    Field Data Type Description
    version varchar The version of Dremio software that is deployed.
    commit_id varchar The last commit ID for the build that is deployed.
    commit_message varchar The commit message for the commit ID.
    commit_time varchar The time that the last commit was made.
    build_email varchar This value is always empty.
    build_time varchar The time of the last build for this version of software.