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Version: current [25.0.x]

System Tables

System tables make up Dremio's system-created catalog to store metadata for the objects in your Dremio organization. Each system table is specific to the associated Dremio object and its attributes, unlike Information Schemas, which are based on the ANSI standards. System tables are read-only (cannot be modified or dropped by users).


In Dremio 20+, the sys.dependencies table has been renamed to sys.reflection_dependencies.

sys.copy_errors_historyInformation about COPY INTO operations that were run with ON_ERROR set to continue and that rejected at least one record in a CSV or JSON file.
sys.jobsThe metadata for jobs currently running in the Dremio instance.
sys.jobs_recentThe metadata for jobs that ran in the Dremio instance during the previous thirty days.
sys.materializationsMonitoring history for reflection materialization jobs in the Dremio instance.
sys.membershipThe metadata for role membership in the Dremio instance.
sys.privilegesThe metadata for privileges for objects in the Dremio instance.
sys.reflection_dependenciesThe runtime graph for reflection dependencies in the Dremio instance.
sys.reflectionsThe metadata for reflections in the Dremio instance.
sys.rolesThe metadata for roles in the Dremio instance.
sys."tables"The metadata for tables in the Dremio instance.
sys.timezone_namesThe complete list of timezones and associated information.
sys.user_defined_functionsThe metadata for the user defined functions (UDFs) installed in the Dremio instance.
sys.usersThe metadata for users in the Dremio instance.
sys.versionThe metadata for the version of Dremio software that is deployed.
sys.viewsThe metadata for views in the Dremio instance.