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    The sys.user_defined_functions table contains metadata for user defined functions (UDFs) that have been installed in the Dremio instance.

    SELECT * 
    FROM sys.user_defined_functions

    Example Output

    argList name sql returnType createdAt modifiedAt
    [FunctionArg{name=salary, rawDataType=<ByteString@55362274 size=116>}] “@dremio”.get_salary SELECT CASE WHEN QUERY_USER() = ’noone’ THEN “salary” ELSE 0 END ReturnType{rawDataType=<ByteString@1b0f0d85 size=116>} 2022-06-05 21:35:21.405 1970-01-01 00:00:00.000
    [FunctionArg{name=id, rawDataType=<ByteString@ad3e1e8 size=120>}] “@dremio”.id_filter SELECT QUERY_USER() = ‘dremio’ AND “id” % 2 = 0 ReturnType{rawDataType=<ByteString@6953a612 size=108>} 2022-06-13 18:43:27.020 1970-01-01 00:00:00.000
    null “@dremio”.hello SELECT ‘Hello World!’ ReturnType{rawDataType=<ByteString@2baec0f6 size=108>} 2022-06-17 15:08:57.059 2022-07-01 17:04:09.032
    null cy.hello SELECT ‘Hello World!’ ReturnType{rawDataType=<ByteString@5fb990a7 size=108>} 2022-06-17 15:09:49.505 1970-01-01 00:00:00.000


    Field Data Type Description
    argList varchar The ordered list of arguments for this UDF. The value will be null if there are no arguments.
    name varchar The name of the function.
    sql varchar The SQL that defines the UDF.
    returnType varchar The return type of the UDF.
    createdAt timestamp The timestamp for when the UDF was created.
    modifiedAt timestamp The timestamp for when the UDF was last modified.