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    Working with Jobs

    This topic provides information about Jobs in the Dremio UI. Job lists and individual job information are displayed from the Jobs top-level navigation.

    Job Lists

    Jobs lists can be filtered by the following criteria:

    • Start time
    • Status
    • Job type
    • User
    • Queue type
    • Search text

    Job Characteristics

    Once you select Jobs from the top-level navigation, the left panel shows the Job Lists and the right panel shows information about the first job in the list. Simply, select the job (in the left panel) that you are interested in for information about that job.

    Job Characteristics
    Job ListsIndividual Jobs
    Job list are summarized and ordered by the following information.Individual jobs can be selected to provide the following categories of information.
    • Dataset
    • User
    • Start Time
    • Duration
    • End Time
    • Overview
    • Details
    • Acceleration
    • Profile

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