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Version: current [25.0.x]

Managing Job Workloads

Dremio job workloads are managed differently depending on which edition (Enterprise or Community) you are using.

  • Job History & Job Details The results of each query, or job, is displayed here in table format. Individual job details may be viewed by clicking on each row.

Jobs may be sorted and arranged by data type based on the columns displaying. Additional information may also be seen for individual jobs by hovering over a row and column for condensed results. By clicking on the desired job, this launches the Job Details screen, which is rich with easy-to-read data regarding how a query was executed from start to finish.

  • Queue Control
    This feature provides basic capability to manage query queues, reflection queues, query memory, and query thresholds.

  • Workload Management Enterprise

This feature provides advanced capability to manage cluster resources and workloads by defining a queue with specific characteristics (such as memory limits, CPU priority, and queueing and runtime timeouts) and then defining rules that specify which query is assigned to which queue.