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Version: current [25.0.x]


The SYS.COPY_ERRORS_HISTORY table stores information about COPY INTO operations that were run with ON_ERROR set to continue or skip_file and that rejected at least one record in a CSV, JSON, or Parquet file.


Results display information only about COPY INTO operations that were initiated by the querying user.

Example Output

2023-11-14 10:39:56.5351aacb195-ca94-ec4c-2b01-ecddac81a900"my-location"."test".my-folder.ice_tbl_typesuser_18234571992740262000"my-location"."test".my-folder.source-data.json."data/"/test/my-folder/source-data/json/data/test.jsonSKIPPED01
2023-11-18 22:24:53.4111aa6c65f-ff9f-d4c5-4625-c8489898e900"my-location"."test".my-folder.ice_tbl_typesuser_18234571992740262000"my-location"."test".my-folder.source-data.csv."data/"/test/my-folder/source-data/csv/data/test_2.csvPARTIALLY_LOADED81
2023-11-18 22:24:53.4111aa6c65f-ff9f-d4c5-4625-c8489898e900"my-location"."test".my-folder.ice_tbl_typesuser_18234571992740262000"my-location"."test".my-folder.source-data.csv."data/"/test/my-folder/source-data/csv/data/test_4.csvSKIPPED01
2023-11-18 22:24:53.4111aa6c65f-ff9f-d4c5-4625-c8489898e900"my-location"."test".my-folder.ice_tbl_typesuser_18234571992740262000"my-location"."test".my-folder.source-data.csv."data/"/test/my-folder/source-data/csv/data/test_0.csvPARTIALLY_LOADED81
2023-11-18 22:24:53.4111aa6c65f-ff9f-d4c5-4625-c8489898e900"my-location"."test".my-folder.ice_tbl_typesuser_18234571992740262000"my-location"."test".my-folder.source-data.csv."data/"/test/my-folder/source-data/csv/data/test_3.csvPARTIALLY_LOADED81


Column nameData TypeDescription
executed_attimestamptzThe timestamp in milliseconds when the current row was written to the system table.
job_idstringThe ID of the COPY INTO job.
table_namestringThe name of the target table for the COPY INTO job.
user_namestringThe user name of the user who executed the COPY INTO command.
base_snapshot_idlongThe id of the last snapshot of the target table before the result of the COPY INTO command was committed.
storage_locationstringThe storage location that was specified in the COPY INTO command.
file_pathstringThe path of the input file that contained one or more rejected records (if the file is a CSV file) or one rejected record (if the file is a JSON file).
file_statestringThe state of the file. Possible values:

PARTIALLY_LOADED -- At least one record from the file has been loaded into the target table and at least one record was rejected.

SKIPPED -- No records from the file have been loaded because none of them could be parsed.
records_loaded_countlongThe number of records loaded successfully from this file.
records_rejected_countlongThe number of records that could not be loaded due to errors within the file.

Depending on how often COPY INTO jobs with the ON_ERROR 'continue' or ON_ERROR 'skip_file' options are executed, this system table can accumulate a substantial number of records. You can remove records by using these two support keys:

  • dremio.system_iceberg_tables.record_lifespan_in_millis: Sets the number of days of history to retain in the system table. The default is seven days.

  • dremio.system_iceberg_tables.housekeeping_thread_frequency_in_millis: Sets the frequency of the cleaner thread that removes records older than the number of days set by dremio.system_iceberg_tables.record_lifespan_in_millis. The default is once a day.