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Version: current [25.0.x]

SQL Commands for Apache Iceberg Tables

Apache Iceberg is a table format that solves challenges with traditional file-formatted tables in data lakes. It is rapidly becoming an industry standard for managing data in data lakes. Iceberg introduces capabilities that enable multiple applications to work together on the same data in a transactionally consistent manner and defines additional information on the state of datasets as they evolve and change over time.

Iceberg enables Dremio to offer powerful SQL database like functionality through industry-standard SQL commands for data lakes.

Before you attempt to run SQL commands on Iceberg tables, follow these prerequisite steps:

  • Ensure that you are using Amazon Glue, Amazon S3, Hive, or Nessie as a datasource.

  • Ensure that any existing Apache Iceberg tables that you want to use in your datasource are at Apache Iceberg version 2.

Supported SQL commands