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Version: current [24.3.x]

Monitoring System Telemetry

Dremio exposes system telemetry metrics in Prometheus format by default. It is not necessary to configure an exporter to collect the metrics. Instead, you can specify the host and port number where metrics are exposed in the dremio.conf file and scrape the metrics with any Prometheus-compliant tool.

To specify the host and port number where metrics are exposed, add these two properties to the dremio.conf file:

  • set to the desired host address (typically or the IP address of the host where Dremio is running).
  • services.web-admin.port: set to any desired value that is greater than 1024.

For example:

Example host and port settings in dremio.conf ""
services.web-admin.port: 9090

Restart Dremio after you update the dremio.conf file to make sure your changes take effect.

Access the exported Dremio system telemetry metrics at http://<yourHost>:<yourPort>/metrics.

For more information about Prometheus metrics, read Types of Metrics in the Prometheus documentation.