This topic describes default log files locations as well as the types of available logs.

Default Log File Locations

By default, Dremio uses the following locations to write logs:

  • Tarball - <DREMIO_HOME>/log
  • RPM - /var/log/dremio

System logs

All the following logs are enabled by default:

server.out - Log for Dremio daemon standard out.

server.log - Server log.

access.log - HTTP access log for the Dremio web server. This log will be generated by coordinator nodes only.

server.gc - Garbage collection log.

Query logs

Query logs are located in the queries.json file. This file contains a log of completed queries; it does not include queries currently in planning or execution.

Query logging is enabled by default.

[info] Query logs can be queried by Dremio itself or another tool for monitoring and analytics.


Query logs include the following information:

  • queryId - Unique ID of the executed query.
  • queryText- SQL query text.
  • start - Start time of the query.
  • finish - End time of the query.
  • outcome - Whether the query was completed or failed.
  • username - User that executed the query.
  • commandDescription - Type of the command. This maybe a reqular SQL query execution job or another SQL command.

Sample Entries

// Successful Query
"queryText":"SELECT *\nFROM Samples.\"samples.dremio.com\".\"zips.json\" ",
"commandDescription":"execute; query"}

// Failed Query
"queryText":"SELECT *2333\nFROM Samples.\"samples.dremio.com\".\"zips.json\" ",

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