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Version: current [24.3.x]

Delete a Project


Deleting a Project will delete all Project data and delete all of the AWS components that make up the Project (EBS, EFS, S3). Only Delete a Project if you never want to use it again.


Info: This process will not delete any data from the physical data sources that you have connected to Dremio. For example, if you have an S3 bucket connected as a Data Source to Dremio, none of the files in that S3 bucket will be deleted.


Closing a Project saves the state of the Project so that it can be Opened and used, but Deleting a Project will make it unavailable for use. All of the Project definitions, metadata, and user information will be deleted in this process.

To delete a Project, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Dremio AWS Edition through the AWS Marketplace (see quickstart instructions).
  2. Select a Project to delete. Once you have launched Dremio from the Marketplace, if you have existing Projects, you will see them on the Project List page.
  3. To delete the first Project, "Business Unit #1", hover at the far right of that row to bring up the Actions menu. Then hover over the 3 dots to bring up the submenu.
  4. Click "Delete" from the sub menu. This will end all existing Dremio provisioned AWS service associated with this Project to include all data storage services.
  5. Confirm you want to delete this Project by clicking on "Confirm".
  6. Dremio will begin the process of deleting the Project.

Dremio will confirm the Project has been Deleted.

Additional Information