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Version: current [24.3.x]

Job Results Cleanup

By default, any job result older than 30 days is automatically deleted by Dremio. If necessary, you can modify the default cleanup threshold as described below.


The 30-day default cleanup threshold for job history does not apply equally to every Dremio deployment. This threshold, along with the number of daily jobs and the size of the KV store, have a collective impact on the optimal threshold setting for a given cluster. As usage changes, be sure to review this value to ensure optimal performance. If you run hundreds of thousands of daily jobs, a setting of seven days or less might be appropriate for your cluster. Dremio Support can provide directional guidance if necessary.

To set the cleanup threshold:

  1. Go to Admin > Advanced Settings.

  2. Under Dremio Support, add the following support key:

    Support key to add
  3. Set your cleanup threshold in days and Save. To disable cleanup, set the value to -1.

Changes take effect within 24 hours, or immediately after a restart.


Job results cleanup does not clean up job profiles, only job results.