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Version: current [25.0.x]

Dremio Preferences

Preferences let you customize the behavior of specific features in the Dremio console.

Managing Preferences

To view the available preferences in the Dremio console:

  1. Click the Settings icon in the side navigation bar.

  2. Select Preferences in the settings sidebar.

    This opens the Preferences page, showing the Dremio console settings that can be modified.

  3. Use the toggle button next to the setting to enable or disable for all users.

    If any preferences are modified, users must refresh their browsers to see the change.

These preferences and their descriptions are listed in the table below.

SQL AutocompleteEnabledAutocomplete provides suggestions for SQL keywords, catalog objects, and functions while you are constructing SQL statements. is visible in the SQL editor, although users can switch the button off within their own accounts.The button is hidden from the SQL editor and suggestions are not provided.See how this works in the SQL editor.
Copy or Download ResultsEnabled and are visible above the results table, because users are allowed to copy or download the results in the SQL editor.The buttons are hidden and users cannot copy or download results in the SQL editor.See how this works in result set actions.
Query Dataset on ClickEnabledClicking on a dataset opens the SQL Runner with a default SELECT statement on the dataset.Clicking on a dataset opens the Datasets page, showing a SELECT statement on the dataset or the dataset's definition that you can view or edit depending on your dataset privileges.See how this works in Querying a Dataset on Click.