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Version: 24.3.x


The TRUNCATE command deletes all rows from a table with minimal computation by restating the table with no data files.

TRUNCATE [ TABLE ] [ IF EXISTS ] <table_path>.<table_name>


TABLE String   Optional

Specifies that the object to be truncated is a table. If not used, the Dremio Cloud still recognizes that the object is a table. This option is for consistency with other query engines that can truncate the same tables that Dremio Cloud has access to on the datasource.

[ IF EXISTS ] String   Optional

Prevents the datasource from returning an error message if a table with the same definition does not exist in the specified location.

<table_name> String

The name of the table that you want to truncate.

AT BRANCH <branch_name> String   Optional

Specifies the branch of the table that you want to truncate. When this parameter is omitted, the current branch is used.