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    Categories: String, Regular Expressions


    Returns true when the specified regular expression matches values in a column. Otherwise, returns false.


    REGEXP_LIKE(input string, regex string) → boolean

    • input: The expression to test.
    • regex: The Perl-compatible regular expression (PCRE) to use for the test.


    REGEXP_LIKE example
    SELECT REGEXP_LIKE('the data lakehouse', '.*?\Qlake\E.*?')
    -- True
    REGEXP_LIKE example
    SELECT Category, REGEXP_LIKE(Category, '.*?\Q-\E.*?') 
    FROM Samples."samples.dremio.com"."SF_incidents2016.json" 
    LIMIT 5
    -- Category, EXPR$1
    -- WEAPON LAWS, false
    -- WEAPON LAWS, false
    -- WARRANTS, false
    -- NON-CRIMINAL, true
    -- NON-CRIMINAL, true

    Usage Notes

    This function is identical to the function REGEXP_MATCHES.