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    Function Name Description
    BINARY_STRING Converts the input expression to a binary value.
    CAST Converts a value of one data type to another data type. This function behaves similarly to the TO_<data_type> (i.e. TO_TIMESTAMP) functions.
    CONVERT_FROM Converts a binary string from the given data type to a Dremio type.
    CONVERT_REPLACEUTF8 Converts a binary string to a UTF-8 value and replaces all characters that cannot be converted to UTF-8 with the specified replacement character.
    CONVERT_TIMEZONE Convert timestamp to the specified timezone
    CONVERT_TO Converts a value to a binary string of a supported data type.
    FLATTEN Explodes compound values into multiple rows. This function takes a LIST column and produces a lateral view (that is, an inline view that contains correlation referring to other tables that precede it in the FROM clause).
    FROM_HEX Returns a binary value for the given hexadecimal string
    HASH Returns a hash value of the arguments. HASH does not return NULL, even for NULL inputs.
    HEX Returns the hexadecimal encoding of an expression.
    TOASCII Converts a string that is encoded in the specified character set to UTF-8.
    TO_CHAR Converts the input expression to a character/string using the specified format.
    TO_DATE Converts the input expressions to the corresponding date.
    TO_HEX Returns a hexadecimal string for the given binary value.
    TO_NUMBER Converts a string into a number (double) in the specified format.
    TO_TIME Converts the input expressions to the corresponding time.
    TO_TIMESTAMP Converts the input expressions to the corresponding timestamp.
    UNHEX Converts the hexadecimal number into the bytes represented by a number.