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    DBeaver is a SQL runner that works with any JDBC-compliant data source.


    Download the Dremio JDBC driver.

    Create a New Driver

    1. Select Driver Manager from the Database menu and create a new driver with these settings:

      Driver NameDremio
      URL Template (direct)jdbc:dremio:direct={host}[:{port}][;schema={database}]
      URL Template (ZooKeeper)jdbc:dremio:zk={host}[:{port}][;schema={database}]
      Class Namecom.dremio.jdbc.Driver
      Driver TypeGeneric
      Default Port31010
      Driver File Pathsdremio-jdbc-*version*.jar
    2. Click Add File and select the location of the Dremio JDBC driver.

    Create a Connection

    1. Click Create New Connection and select Dremio.

    2. Specify your coordinator node’s hostname, username and password.

    Now you can use DBeaver’s SQL Editor to execute queries to your Dremio datasets.