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    Admin CLI

    This topic summarizes the dremio-admin CLI commands.


    dremio-admin [--config <conf-dir>] (backup|clean|delete-all-users|export-profiles|encrypt|nessie-maintenance|remove-duplicate-roles|repair-acls|reset-catalog-search|restore|set-password|upgrade) [args...]


    --help, -hDisplays usage information for the CLI commands.
    --config <conf-dir>Used when the configuration file location is different than the /opt/dremio/conf default directory.

    For example, if dremio.conf, dremio-env, logbook.xml, and logbook-admin.xml are located in /etc/dremio, you will have to run all of the dremio-admin commands as ./dremio-admin --config /etc/dremio <command> <arguments>.


    backupBacks up Dremio metadata and user-uploaded files.
    cleanCleans Dremio metadata.
    delete-all-usersDeletes all internal dremio users and their home spaces.
    encryptAllows the administrator to provide a secret for use with third-party services, like LDAP, which may require secure credential entry. The output URI should be copied and pasted into the Dremio configuration file.

    The syntax used for this command is dremio-admin encrypt <secret>. If a secret is not provided and a terminal is available, the tool will request that you input the secret. The tool will then output a secret: URI, which can then be copied and pasted into the Dremio configuration file.
    export-profilesExports Job profiles to the specified location.
    nessie-maintenancePurges unused embedded Nessie data from the KV store.
    remove-duplicate-rolesRemoves duplicate LDAP groups or local roles and consolidates into a single role.
    reset-catalog-searchReset index to recover catalog search.
    repair-aclsRepairs access control lists of sources, spaces, and datasets. This command should be used to repair the KV store if problems arise when upgrading to Dremio 16.0+.
    restoreRestores Dremio metadata and user-uploaded files.
    set-passwordSets passwords for Dremio users (non-LDAP).
    upgradeUpgrades the KV store version. There are no options available for this command.

    Log Directory

    The default value for DREMIO_ADMIN_LOG_DIR is null / not set. When this parameter is not set, log files are not created.

    To set the log directory, provide the log directory path by running the following:

    export DREMIO_ADMIN_LOG_DIR=<path>


    The export option must be set and access must be available for the user running the dremio-admin command.

    Log Verbosity

    Log verbosity is used in conjunction with DREMIO_ADMIN_LOG_DIR. Otherwise, all the output is printed to stdout; there is no control on setting verbosity for stdout.

    Verbosity options include:

    • TRACE
    • DEBUG
    • INFO (default)
    • WARN
    • ERROR

    To set the log verbosity (default: INFO), provide the verbose level by running the following:


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