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    Admin CLI

    This topic summarizes the Dremio administrator, dremio-admin , CLI commands.


    dremio-admin [--config <conf-dir>] (backup|clean|delete-all-users|reset-catalog-search|restore|set-password|upgrade) [args...]


    The syntax used for this command is dremio-admin encrypt []. If a secret is not provided and a terminal is available, the tool will request that you input the secret. The tool will then output a secret: URI, which can then be copied and pasted into the Dremio configuration file.
    --help, -hDisplays online help information for the CLI commands.
    --config <conf-dir>Used when your configuration file location is different than the /opt/dremio/conf directory.

    For example, if you put the dremio.conf, dremio-env, logbook.xml, and logbook-admin.xml files under the /etc/dremio directory, you will have to run all the dremio-admin commands as ./dremio-admin --config /etc/dremio <command> <options>.

    backupBacks up Dremio metadata and user-upoaded files.
    cleanCleans Dremio metadata.
    delete-all-usersDeletes all internal dremio users and their home spaces.
    encryptAllows administrator to provide secret for use with third-party services, like LDAP, which may require secure credential entry. The output URI should be copied and pasted into the Dremio configuration file.
    reset-catalog-searchReset index to recover catalog search.
    restoreRestores Dremio metadata and user-upoaded files.
    set-passwordSets passwords for Dremio users (non-LDAP).
    repair-aclsRepairs access control lists of sources, spaces, and datasets. This command should be used to repair the KVStore if problems arise when upgrading to Dremio 16.0+.
    upgradeUpgrades the KV store version. There are no options available for this command.
    export-profilesExports Job profiles to the specified location.

    Log Directory

    The default value for DREMIO_ADMIN_LOG_DIR is null / not set. When this parameter is not set, log files are not created.

    To set the log directory, provide the log directory path by running the following:

    export DREMIO_ADMIN_LOG_DIR=<path>


    The export option must be set and access must be available for the user running the dremio-admin command.

    Log Verbosity

    Log verbosity is used in conjunction with DREMIO_ADMIN_LOG_DIR. Otherwise, all the output is printed to stdout; there is no control on setting verbosity for stdout.

    Verbosity options include:

    • TRACE
    • DEBUG
    • INFO (default)
    • WARN
    • ERROR

    To set the log verbosity (default: INFO), provide the verbose level by running the following:


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