Setting up Dremio’s ODBC Driver for Windows


To set up Dremio’s ODBC driver on Windows operating systems:

  1. Download the driver from

  2. Follow these steps to install the driver:

    a. Run the installation wizard.

    b. Accept the license.

    c. Click Install on the Choose Components screen.

    d. To use the ODBC driver with Power BI Gateway or with a release of Power BI Desktop earlier than the August 2021 release, select the Microsoft Power BI Extension option.

    e. Click Next when the installation is complete.

    f. Click Finish to close the installation wizard.

  3. Follow these steps to configure the driver:

    a. Run the ODBC Data Source Administrator application.

Setup (BI User)

  1. Ask an administrator to follow the steps above. During the installation process, they must select Power BI Extension.

  2. Then, go to the start menu and click on the Dremio BI Connector.

  3. Install whichever connector you need at the moment. (You must have Tableau installed to install their respective connectors.)

    b. Select the System DSN tab.

    c. Select Dremio Connector and click Configure.

    d. In the Connection Type section, follow the substep that suits your environment:

    • If your Dremio cluster is configured with secondary coordinator nodes, you can distribute query planning across those nodes and the main coordinator node. Select the ZooKeeper Quorum option. Then, in the Quorum field, specify the hostname or IP address of the ZooKeeper quorum’s host and the port in this format: <ZK_QUORUM_HOST>:<ZK_PORT>. The default port is 2181.

      If there a multiple Dremio clusters in the ZooKeeper quorum, in the Cluster ID field specify the path to one of the clusters, like this: /path/to/ClusterA/coordinator. Include the keyword coordinator at the end of the path.

    • To plan queries on the single coordinator node for a Dremio cluster, specify the hostname or IP address for the coordinator node in the Direct to server field.

    e. Change the authentication type to Plain, then specify your username and password for connecting to the Dremio cluster.

    f. (Optional) Test the connection by clicking Test.

  4. Click OK.