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Version: current [24.3.x]

Integrating with Privacera Enterprise

Dremio and Privacera have partnered to provide an integration that allows organizations to implement fine-grained access controls on their open data lakehouse. The integration provides the following capabilities:

  • Privacera Policy Sync: Data governance and access control policies in Privacera are translated into SQL and pushed to Dremio using Dremio’s native RBAC and fine-grained access control, ensuring that data remains secure and compliant with the centrally-defined policies in Privacera. You can learn more about how this works in Privacera's PolicySync design and configuration documentation.

  • Dremio Auditing and Query Tracking: Audit details related to user-executed queries in Dremio can be accessed through the Jobs page in the Dremio console. Job lists and job details provide insights into user-executed queries. See Viewing Jobs for more information.

  • Support for all Data Sources: The Privacera integration supports all Dremio data sources. See Connecting to Your Data for a full list of sources.


When using the Privacera plugin for Dremio, no additional or external tools should be used for the policy synchronization between Privacera and Dremio.


Ensure that you meet the following prerequisites before you begin the integration:

  • An on-premise or SaaS Privacera Manager host that is running Privacera services
  • A deployment of Dremio Enterprise Edition 24.1 or later -- Community Edition and Dremio Cloud are not supported at this time


Refer to the Privacera documentation to learn how to install and configure Privacera's plugin for Dremio.


After installing the Privacera plugin, ensure that the Enable external authorization plugin option is selected under Settings > Advanced Options on all sources that should utilize the integration with Privacera. After updating any source configurations, restart Dremio.