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Version: current [25.0.x]

Supported Properties of Apache Iceberg Tables

You can use table properties to configure many aspects of Iceberg tables. The full list of table properties is here. Dremio supports the following subset of table properties, which you can set when you create or alter an Iceberg table:

PropertyDescriptionDefault target size when merging manifest files.8 MB
commit.status-check.num-retriesThe number of times to check whether a commit succeeded after a connection is lost before failing due to an unknown commit state.3
format-versionThe table’s format version (can be 1 or 2), as defined in the Spec.1
history.expire.max-snapshot-age-msThe default maximum age of snapshots to keep while expiring snapshots.432000000 (5 days)
history.expire.min-snapshots-to-keepThe default minimum number of snapshots to keep while expiring snapshots.1
write.metadata.delete-after-commit.enabledControls whether to delete the oldest tracked version metadata files after commit.FALSE
write.metadata.previous-versions-maxThe maximum number of previous version metadata files to keep before deleting after commit.100
write.parquet.compression-codecThe Parquet compression codec. Allowed values: zstd, gzip, snappysnappy
write.parquet.compression-levelThe Parquet compression level. From the currently supported codecs only ZSTD allows setting the compression level.null

To view the properties that are set for a table, use the SQL command SHOW TBLPROPERTIES.